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Composite long rod insulators

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PPC porcelain long rod insulators

Excellent design with extra high strength

PPC is a specialist in porcelain long rod insulators with a 75 year history of experience and development in this kind of insulator for overhead transmission lines and railway applications.

PPC produces a comprehensive range of products for overhead transmission lines up to the highest system voltages of 800 kV with the most progressive technology, engineering and in-service life.

Porcelain long rods are also available coated with silicone to further improve their performance under pollution.

Applications: HVAC and HVDC applications

Insulating material: The insulator body of the unit is made from high quality aluminum oxide porcelain, either C-130 (IEC 60672) or C-120 as per customer's request

Glaze color: Brown or grey

Core diameter: Max 125 mm

Mechanical range: up to 530 kN

Coupling: conforming to IEC, DIN and ├ľNORM standards

Cementing: By lead antimony alloy as a standard. Portland cement is also possible

Profiles: Porcelain long rod insulators are produced with different shed profiles to optimize performance according to environment conditions and the grade of pollution.

Long rod insulators for overhead lines
  Porcelain long rod insulators for power lines   Long rod insulators for transmission lines

Plain shed


Desert shed


Alternating shed

Standard design
performing well in
mild pollution environment


Aerodynamic sheds
for easy self cleaning


High protected
leakage distance for coastal areas

Technical features


Puncture proof

Puncture path through porcelain core is almost equal to the dry arcing distance, thus flashover, if any, will always occur outside the porcelain body.


Reduce corrosion problems

Minimum use of metal parts.


Low RIV level


Good performance under pollution

The absence of underibs limits dust accumulation and enhance the
self-cleaning properties.


Protection against power arcs

Long rod insulators strings are equipped with arcing horns to protect the porcelain from being damaged by power arc.


Inspection and Testing

Type tests, sample tests and routine tests are performed in accordance with IEC 60383-1&2 and IEC 60433.