Quality and reliability are essential in maintaining and increasing the reputation of the PPC Insulators group and its products. Ensuring high levels of quality in our products and services is one of the most important goals of all group companies and all of our products are subjected to continuous quality control during the production process. This assures absolutely correct functioning and 100% adherence to specifications.

PPC insists on the highest quality standards. We focus on customer satisfaction, providing the best quality products and services. Our commitment is therefore to:


  • Systematically empower every collaborator to take responsibility for the quality of PPC.
  • Continuously improve our product quality and processes. This systematic approach will lead to a better overall service and higher customer satisfaction.
  • Coach and teach our colleagues to use the best quality practices such as control plans, FMEA, PCDA and 5 WHY in their daily routines.
  • Target the “Right Quality” for products, services and all activities in the PPC group.