Introduce consolidation tool in PPC Group

Set up and define the Group´s accounting policy IFRS

Support local accounting of the various Group members, make sure that accounting standards are kept

Central point of contact for the Group auditors

Monthly Group closing (sole responsibility)

Accounting/cash management/budgeting of one Austrian entity


University degree, the field of study: finance, accounting, auditing

Experience with accounting and consolidation minimum 5 years

Knowledge of International accounting standards IFRS in detail (must)

Experience with accounting in corporation/IFRS, consolidation (must)

Experience with implementation consolidation and accounting IT tools

Experience in production company/area

English at B2 level (must)

German is an additional asset

Willing to travel


Weekly working time 37,5 hours
Flexible working hours
Work in an international team
13th salary
2 sick days/year • 2 days off / year beyond the scope of the Labor Code
Language courses
13th salary
Food — 0.90 EUR / lunch in a new canteen
Interesting contribution of the employer to DDS 1.3% — 3% depending on the age and type of work performed


Location: Čab, Nitra, Slovakia

(legal seat of the employing entity; after the trial period – 3 months the actual place of work can be discussed (e.g.: working from Bratislava)

Contract type: full-time contract for an unlimited period

Term date: ASAP

Wage conditions (Brutto): minimum EUR 2,000 / month depending on experience

If you are communicative, cooperative, precise, team player and have analytical thinking do not hesitate and apply for this job.

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